Feeding Pet Rabbits

Did you know that the digestive system of rabbits should always be kept in constant motion? Yes, anything that causes their digestive system to stop, such as when a rabbit stops eating, or suffers from constipation, can lead to real problems. It is really hard to kick-start a rabbit’s digestive system that has stopped moving. A visit to the vet may be in place in order for the problem to be properly resolved and to avoid serious complications.

The correct diet for pet rabbits should have lots of grass and hay to chew on continually throughout the day and night. They will also benefit with some fresh produce, such as leafy greens and other fruits and vegetables. However, there are common plants and vegetables that are actually poisonous for rabbits, or likely to cause digestive upset and affect gut motility. These include avocado, onion, garlic, nuts of any type, and root vegetable, to name a few. Visit this homepage to learn more.



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