Health Problems And Other Potential Reasons Why Your Cat Is Losing Weight

A noticeable loss of weight in cats may be alarming, particularly when there are no problems in their food intake. Here are some of the most common reasons why your kitty is losing weight:

  • Worms

Worms compete with their cat host when it comes to the nutrients that are available in the digestive tract. A heavy parasite load is usually suspected when the cat drops weight but is still eating normally.

  • Stress

Cats that are exposed to specific stressors can go off their food. Steps should be taken to identify the specific stressor so it can be removed from the cat’s environment, or if this is not possible, measures can be taken to reduce the cat’s exposure to the specific stressor.

  • Health problems

There are many health conditions that can cause weight loss in cats. Some of these are diabetes, tooth and gum problems, as well stomach problems. Click here for more details.



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