Important Tips To Prevent Hairball Formation In Cats

Cats swallow hair when they groom themselves. Since grooming is a daily routine, there is always the possibility that the cat also ingests hair on a daily basis. In a way, there is really no sure-fire way to prevent the formation of hairballs.

Fortunately there are ways you can help reduce the possibility of hairball formation.

  • Regular brushing and grooming remove loose hair before they can be swallowed by your kitty.
  • Give your cat free access to cat grass or any other types of grass. Grass binds to the hair in the cat’s stomach and helps facilitate its elimination with the feces. You can buy cat grass seeds from the pet store so you can grow a special patch for your indoor cat.
  • If your kitty is particularly prone to developing hairballs, you can talk to your Pets Health about a prescription diet that can help eliminate hairballs naturally, and lessen their buildup.



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