Hair Coat Care In Cats

hair-coat-care-in-catsCats are famous for being very fastidious groomers, spending a good part of their days licking and grooming themselves, keeping their hair coats clean and in good condition. Long-haired cats will benefit from some regular grooming help from their owners; supplemental brushing helps keep the cat’s hair coat smooth and free of tangles. Most short-haired cats can take care of all of their grooming needs without any assistance from their owners.

Unlike dogs, cats don’t need regular bathing, except for the so-called hairless breeds, like the sphinx, which need regular bathing. In fact, most cats don’t even get a bath throughout their lifetime, except when they get something sticky or potentially harmful in their hair coats.

However, taking an active role in your cat’s grooming enables you to spend quality time with your pet. It is also an opportunity to closely check your pet health care and coat, so any potential problems can be nipped in the bud the soonest possible time.


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