Helping Your Bird Molt

helping-your-bird-moltMolting is a stressful time for birds. One way to help your pet bird through its molt is to make specific changes in their diet. A bird’s energy requirement increases during molting, so there is a need to increase the food intake by about 25% to meet the extra energy needed. One way to do this is to increase vegetables, cereals, and fresh fruit in the diet. Boiled egg yolks or insects may also be added to fresh food to increase protein intake. There are also special molting food and tonics to give molting birds the necessary boost.

Warmth should also be provided to the birds, especially when molting occurs during winter. The loss of feathers renders them vulnerable to even the faintest draft. Eight to twelve hours of darkness a day will give the molting birds enough time to rest, which is very crucial.  Your veterinarian is also an important source of information if you have questions and/or concerns about molting.


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