Some Reasons Why Your Dog Is Shaking?

Watching a dog shake even in warm weather can be worrisome for many dog parents. There are many potential reasons why a dog is shaking. Here are some of the most common ones:


Shivering creates body heat. It is a normal response to hypothermia or a decrease in body temperature. As the dog’s body temperature drops, the body shivers in order to bring the body temperature to elevated levels.


These emotional responses can cause some dogs to tremble. Some may need medication to help them calm down.


Dogs suffering from pain can tremble and shake. Take note, however, that not all dogs tremble in response to pain.

Medical issues

There are many medical conditions that can produce trembling in dogs. These include kidney failure and hormonal imbalances.


Many cases of poisoning can have shaking as one of the earliest neurological symptoms. Some common examples include chocolate, antifreeze, and rodenticide poisoning. Click the link for more information:



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