Swollen Paws In Dogs

swollen-paws-in-dogsSwollen paws are quite common among dogs but the condition is not generally dangerous. However, it can be very uncomfortable and painful, depending on the underlying cause.

A dog with a swollen paw usually favors the affected leg and appears to limp or hobble. Make sure to carefully check the paw’s top and underside for any signs of pain or swelling. One of the common causes of swollen paws in dogs is a foreign object that is trapped between the dog’s paw pads or toes. The problem could also be caused by allergies (constant licking/chewing), puncture wounds, insect bites, broken toes, and fractured toe nails. A dog’s paw pads can also get burned from running or walking on hot asphalt during the summer.

If the swelling and limping persist, make sure to get your pet to your vet for a thorough checkup, diagnosis, and treatment.


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