Establishing Boundaries Is the Key to Better Rabbit Behavior

No matter what kind of animal you have, a certain level of training is expected. Rabbits are no different. However, if you share your home with one of these four legged critters, you might be surprised to learn that it’s less about training and more about establishing boundaries.

A ‘please and thank you’ approach

According to a professional vet clinic, it’s all about manners when it comes to training your rabbit boundaries. That means asking your bunny nicely, saying thank you, and being consistent.

Learning how to make a request is key. When it is followed, your rabbit gets a reward. As your pet learns what to expect every time you interact, he’ll learn to be polite. By teaching boundaries in this way, you’re essentially teaching your furry friend that you’re the top bunny.

Humans start all interactions

Your bunny should know that humans are the ones to start every interaction. This will prevent bad rabbit behavior in the future.

For example, if your bunny approaches you for a little attention, and you don’t give it to him, he’ll quickly learn to act out until he gets what he wants. If you are able to put up with his bad behavior long enough to teach him that he can’t get what he wants, you can drastically cut back on future bad behavior. As soon as he leaves you alone, call him back and provide him with the attention he craves.

Humans end all interactions

Not only does your bunny need to learn that humans start all interactions, he should also know that humans end all interactions too. If you get this one right, you don’t have to worry about your rabbit taking off every time he’s supposed to go back into the cage.

An easy way to do this is to provide your furry friend with a quick treat immediately before you place him back in his cage. Your pet will quickly look forward to going back into his cage for his treat, even if it means he doesn’t get the prolonged attention he wants.

Teaching your rabbit to say please

Establishing boundaries shows your pet that everything belongs to you, which means your rabbit has to use good manners and say please whenever he wants something! For help teaching your bunny boundaries, schedule an appointment with your vet clinic.


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