Skin Shedding In Bearded Dragons

skin-shedding-in-bearded-dragonsLike other species of lizards, bearded dragons also shed their skins.  Juvenile dragons generally shed their skins multiple times throughout the year, as they outgrow their skin. On the other hand, adult usually shed off their skin once or twice a year. A bearded dragon that is about to shed their skin will usually appear a lot duller in color, and their eyes are puffy.

In most cases, pet owners don’t need to intervene while their bearded dragons are shedding their skins. However, there are instances when help is needed for some minor complications. During shedding, make sure your pet stays hydrated throughout the entire period; you can spray your pet with a little amount of warm water especially if the tank is dry. A warm, dry enclosure can make the shedding process more challenging.

When your bearded dragon is shedding, never try to pull any skin off, unless it’s clear that it won’t shed naturally. If the skin is sticking for a considerably long period of time, there may be a problem that needs to be brought to the attention of your veterinarian. For further details about this, click on the link.


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