Symptoms Displayed By Dogs That Should Never Be Taken For Granted

symptoms-displayed-by-dogs-that-should-never-be-taken-for-grantedPet owners should be quick to spot signs that may indicate that their dogs are unwell. While many of these symptoms are not really life-threatening, some are, and will need appropriate veterinary attention as soon as possible.

Poor hair coat health

Distinct changes in the color, appearance, growth and/or loss of hair may indicate a food allergy or vitamin deficiency. It could also be a symptom of hypothyroidism, or even kidney disease. Any changes in your dog’s hair coat should never be ignored.


The term “hematemesis” refers to the vomiting or coughing up of blood. The problem can be associated with a variety of health issues such as ulcers, poor blood clotting, and problems in the esophagus, infections, and liver failure to name a few. Coughing or vomiting of blood should never be ignored because it is a serious symptom of a health problem.


Temperatures that exceed 102.5F should be a cause for concern. Fever is an important symptom of a variety of health issues that need proper veterinary attention and Transitions Elite.


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