What You Should Know About Herpesvirus In Cats

what-you-should-know-about-herpesvirus-in-catsHerpesvirus that affects cats is not the same herpesvirus that causes infections in people. In cats, the infection has been associated with eye problems, though it has also been implicated in certain types of respiratory tract infections. Cats that suffer from stress have higher risks of developing herpesvirus infection. Cat parents should always remember that their pets are highly vulnerable to stress. A change in the daily routine or moving to a new home, and other potential stressors, can compromise a cat’s immune system, making them susceptible to certain health problems.

One common problem caused by herpersvirus in cats is conjunctivitis. Affected cats have inflamed conjunctiva, the tissues that line the inner eyelids and whites of the eye. Other symptoms include squinting, eye and nasal discharges, and sneezing.  Conjunctivitis can be due to a variety of causes; fortunately, the type that has been associated with herpesvirus infection can resolve within a few weeks, and is generally self-limiting.


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