Why Physical Activity Is Important For Rabbits

why-physical-activity-is-important-for-rabbitsPet rabbits should not be kept in small enclosures. They require lots of space to move around in and engage in natural behavior. However, more and more pet rabbits are becoming overweight or obese, an epidemic that has hit the pet world by storm. Carrying excess weight may be attributed to a variety of things including being fed an unbalanced or incorrect diet.

Another important reason why pet rabbits gain too much weight is lack of physical activity, which can really have negative implications on their overall health and wellbeing. Just as in humans, there are lots of risks associated with a lack of physical activity, and obese or overweight rabbits have higher risks of developing all sorts of health problems, some of which could prove to be fatal.

A rabbit that does not get enough exercise is more prone to developing gastrointestinal (GI) stasis and a variety of other gastrointestinal issues. Overweight rabbits are also at high risk for urinary tract disease and formation of bladder stones. Click here to know Vet Clinic Buy Practice.


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