Tips To Encourage Your Cat To Drink More Water


Many cats don’t drink enough water; cats have a low thirst drive, a trait that they have inherited from their ancestors who get most of their water requirement from their prey. Many pet cats only drink more water when their bodies are already slightly dehydrated. Here are some tips to increase your pet’s water intake:

Avoid topping off

Any remaining water that’s left in the cat’s bowl at the end of the day should be dumped. Avoid topping off for this can possibly make the water in the bowl stale.

Drinking from the faucet

Some cats like drinking from the faucet, and may even ask their owners to turn on the faucet when they’re in the kitchen. They may not drink from their water bowl, but will happily lap water from the faucet.

Water Fountain

There are specialized water fountains that can provide cats with flowing water. The moving water can entice cats to drink. However, make sure that the fountain is regularly cleaned to avoid buildup of bacteria and other potential pathogens.


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