Abscess In Rabbits

abscess-in-rabbitsAbscesses are quite common among pet rabbits. An abscess is like a lump that’s filled with pus and fluid, and it is normally associated with bacterial infection.

Abscesses may be caused by a wound, bite, or cut. When it occurs inside the mouth, the abscess can be caused by dental disease or foreign body inside the rabbit’s mouth.

Skin abscess may occur as a hard lump on the body of the rabbit. Rabbits with abscess in the mouth may stop eating, drool or drop food while eating.

There is a need to drain the contents of the abscess, a procedure that is usually undertaken under general anesthesia. The abscess is kept open so that the contents will be drained fully, thus make sure to keep the area around the abscess clean. Your vet may prescribe a round of antibiotics to reduce infection.

Abscesses in rabbits can be painful and difficult to treat, so your vet may also prescribe painkillers.


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