Head Pressing In Dogs And Cats

head-pressing-in-dogs-and-catsThe occasional leaning of dogs and cats against the wall or objects while sleeping is not really something to worry about. But when dogs and cats regularly press the top of their heads against objects without apparent reason, they may be suffering from a health issue that needs prompt veterinary attention. Head pressing in cats and dogs should be considered a medical emergency.

Head pressing is different from head butting or bunting. Rubbing their head affectionately against their humans is a perfectly normal feline and canine behavior. In fact, if you have a multi-pet household, you may have seen your pets interacting with each other using head butts. But head pressing is an entirely different matter. A dog or a cat may press the top of his head against a wall, furniture, floor or any firm object for a considerable period of time. Head pressing has been associated with neurological problems or certain metabolic disorders. There are also several medical conditions where head pressing is an important symptom. Know more about Dream Team Elite by click on this link.


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