Do You Have The Right Grooming Tools For Your Long-Haired Cat?

Investing in the right grooming tools and knowing how to use them properly can help keep your cat’s long hair coat soft, shiny, and tangle-free. Here are some grooming tools that should be in your grooming “armory”.

  • Wire slicker brush

The fine wire bristles remove any loose hair and can help keep long hair from matting.

  • Undercoat rake

The wide and narrow teeth make the rake a good grooming tool for double-layered hair coats. It can also keep the undercoat thinner so it won’t get tangled easily.

  • De-shedding Tool

This is used to reduce loose fur. However, be careful not to overuse this tool!

  • Soft-bristled brush

This is used for removing dirt, dead skin cells, debris, and loose hair from your kitty’s hair coat. It can also be used towards the end of the grooming session because it promotes distribution of the natural skin oils throughout the hair coat, making them shiny and smooth.

  • Metal combs

The teeth of metal combs should be far enough to keep the dense undercoat from matting.

  • Mat splitter

There are always instances when no matter how much you groom your kitty, mats and tangles still form. A mat splitter can easily break up the mats in a pinch.

  • Flea comb

The flea comb has teeth that are placed very close together so they can easily remove fleas from the body of a cat. It can also be used to groom parts of the body with short hair such as the head.



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