Tips to Keep Your Cat Mentally Alert

Cats today have a longer lifespan, thanks to advancements in modern veterinary care. More and more cats are reaching 20 years of age and still remain mentally alert.

One way to keep your cat’s brain mentally sharp well into their senior years is regular playtime.

Playtime should be built into your cat’s daily schedule throughout their lives. This will increase your cat’s chances of staying active even in their golden years. There are so many practical and inexpensive ways to encourage playtime, such as letting your cat chase a feather on a string or a laser pointer.

Keeping a cat’s brain active and sharp long before Feline Cognitive Dysfunction (FCD) steps in is very important. You can start by training your pet’s brain early; this has been shown to slow down the development of mental deterioration. This is one important reason why cats need adequate physical and mental stimulation throughout their lives. More Pet Care tips here.



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