Tooth Grinding In Cats

Bruxism is the term used to refer to tooth grinding in cats. If you have ever heard a cat grinding their teeth, you will certainly agree that it sounds quite painful.

Pain in the mouth

Cats tend to put anything in their mouths and this can pave the way for tooth and gum problems, abscess formation, burns, and problems of the jaw. If grinding is usually accompanied by drooling, it can indicate some kind of pain in the mouth. Check your pet’s mouth for broken teeth, injury, sores, or inflammation. A visit to your veterinarian can also help establish why your kitty is grinding his teeth and drooling.


Some cats grind their teeth because they’re having issues with their food. Cats need a healthy, high quality pet food. Try giving canned food and see if your kitty stops grinding.


Bruxism can also occur when a cat is dehydrated. Other symptoms exhibited by dehydrated cats include sunken eyes and lethargy. Whatever may be the reason for your pet’s dehydration, make sure that it is addressed immediately. Click this link for more details:



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