Calluses In Dogs

Calluses are sometimes referred to as “pressure sores”; and they can possibly develop into an abscess or ulcer. Larger dogs are prone to developing calluses when a bony part of their body repeatedly comes into contact with the floor or any hard surface when they sleep.

Many dogs develop calluses during summer because they tend to look for the coolest spot in the home to take a nap. The cool surface of a cement floor, shaded decks, and tiles become favorite resting spots. If your dog loves picking hard surfaces to sleep on, make sure to check their hips, legs, and elbows regularly.

The best way to prevent calluses from developing is to provide your dog with soft bedding. A cooling bed will certainly appeal to your dog during the hot summer months. Just fill the bed with water and place it in a spot that is out of the sun.  Some owners also use old beach lounge chairs for their dogs to sleep on when they’re outdoors during the summer.

But if your dog develops calluses, these are not really a problem as long as they don’t become pressure sores, or an ulcer or abscess which can be more serious. Always keep a close eye on your dog’s calluses to help ensure that they won’t get worse. To know more, visit this link.



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