Cleaning Your Cat-s Litter Box — Litter Box Routine

Cleaning your cat’s litter box is not really a walk in the park, but it’s a necessary chore, something that potential cat owners should carefully consider before bringing home a cat. A good litter box routine is an essential part of being a responsible pet parent. Here are some things that can help make the routine as easy as possible:

Enzyme cleaners

Enzyme cleaners are made up of chemicals formulated to neutralize the odor of urine in the carpet. These products can also be used on the litter box after deep cleaning to help get rid of urine and poop odor embedded in the cracks of the litter box created by use through time.

Baking Soda

Before putting in fresh litter after deep cleaning the litter box, spray some baking soda to the bottom of the box for this can help absorb odors. Some cat owners sprinkle some baking soda to the litter every couple of days. Visit your veterinarian for more Pet Health Tips.



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