Obesity In Pet Amphibians

Amphibians can also pile on the pounds; when they’re obese it puts a strain on and burdens many vital organs of the body, and in severe cases, can cause death of the animal. Obesity in amphibians is much more common among eastern tiger salamander, South American horned frogs, barred tiger salamander, and other large species of amphibians. While in captivity, they will continue to eat prey that is made available without any regard for their calorie or energy needs. To prevent your pet amphibian from becoming overweight or obese, make sure to consult a vet for an appropriate diet for the particular species.

Obese amphibians are often lethargic and have difficulty moving around in their enclosures. They suffer from respiratory distress and their increased body weight is highly visible.

Overfeeding is the top cause of obesity. Even if your pet is on a regular diet, little or no physical activity can eventually pave the way for storage of extra calorie as fat. Amphibians that are ill or injured can also pile on the pounds because of their inability to engage in any physical activity. Consult with your vet services for more information.



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