Important Reasons Why Vaccination May Be Contraindicated In Some Dogs

An outstanding health preventive regimen should include a vaccination program. The first year of a puppy’s life is usually filled with visits to the vet for vaccinations and booster shots. Many owners are, however, concerned about bad reactions to vaccination, but these are quite rare and your veterinarian should tell you if an occurrence is a possibility.

One common issue is a small localized reaction at the site of injection, which in most cases will resolve in a day or two. An acute and serious reaction may occur during vaccination, but these cases are very rare. Affected dogs become very ill very quickly, and immediate veterinary intervention is very important to prevent fatal results. This is one reason why you and your pet may be ask to stay for a few minutes in the clinic after your pet has been vaccinated.

The decision to vaccinate your pet or not should lie mainly on your veterinarian. A bad reaction to a previous vaccination or other warning signs perceived by your vet may lead to a decision of non-vaccination because the risks of vaccination outweigh the benefits. To learn more, contact your animal care tips.



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