Persian Cats Are Prone To Fungal Infections

Persian cats have higher risks of developing fungal infections than most breeds of cats, more so if the cat’s immune system has been compromised. Cats with fungal infections shed off hair and have patches of dry skin. Skin discoloration may also be present.

One common fungal infection of the skin that affects many Persian cats is ringworm. The skin problem got its name from the ring-like lesion that can be quite distinct and pronounced. Ringworm can cause intense itching and is very contagious. In fact, other pets and even humans can get ringworm from affected cats. This and the fact it can cause hair loss in almost all parts of the body, makes ringworm an important issue that should be dealt with immediately with the help of your veterinarian.

Since many skin problems have the possibility of paving the way for secondary bacterial infections, they must be brought to the attention of the Pets Health vet so the underlying cause can be identified and proper treatment can be given.



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