Can Allergies Make Your Dog Snore?

can-allergies-make-your-dog-snoreA dog snoring by your bedside can certainly mean sleepless nights for you and for anyone in the room with you. There are many potential causes of snoring in dogs, and allergies are among the ones on the top of the list. When dogs are exposed to certain allergens in their food or environment, their immune system goes into overdrive and triggers an allergic reaction. If your dog tends to snore, allergies can ‘pump up’ your pet’s snores.

Another potential cause of snoring in dogs is exposure to second and third-hand smoke. Smoke can irritate the sensitive tissues of the respiratory system, causing labored and heavy breathing, which can further fuel their snoring. Also, dogs that are constantly exposed to smoke have higher risks of developing serious health problems, such as lung cancer.

You can also bring your questions or concerns about your pet to your veterinarian.


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