Feeding Your Pet Budgie

feeding-your-pet-budgieMany pet birds are prone to developing health issues because their owners did not walk the extra mile to know more about their pet’s nutritional needs and meet them appropriately. Nutrition is an essential component of good health. Budgerigars have specific dietary needs and it pays for owners to know and understand their pet’s needs. An unbalanced diet is often an important predisposing factor for all sorts of health issues in pet birds.

A pure bird seed diet is not the all-time solution to meeting your pet’s needs for specific nutrients. Feeding only bird seed can increase their risk to iodine deficiency, obesity, and other health issues. In the wild, budgies derive nourishment from different types of grass seeds, fruits, and other plants.

You should talk to your veterinarians Buy Practice about your pet’s nutritional needs and how best to meet them.


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