Guinea Pigs In The Same Enclosure Maintain Hierarchies

Cavies that are placed in the same cage may clash and fight during their first few days while they are trying to establish a social hierarchy. Once a dominant cavy is recognized, the fighting usually stops and they eventually live peacefully together. They start to groom each other, chat, and cuddle up. Guinea pigs thrive well when placed in the same enclosure as the others. They are social creatures, so if you have a solitary cavy right now, how about considering getting another cavy or two so they can all keep each other company.

But there are instances when establishing the social ladder can take time and lots of clashes. This is especially true when there are several cavies that are vying for the dominant rank. While the fights are inevitable, you should still keep a close eye on your cavies Pets Health, to make sure that no one gets bullied or injured.



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