Why Pet Reptiles Need Annual Visits To The Vet

why-pet-reptiles-need-annual-visits-to-the-vetAll pets should have at least one annual health and wellness check. But for pet reptiles, many vets recommend at least twice a year checkups because of the following important reasons:

  • Reptiles have relatively shorter lifespans than humans, and when you take your pet to your vet once a year, it’s like going for wellness checks to your doctor every 5-10 years! It’s certainly a long time and anything can go wrong with your pet in between these visits.
  • These visits are valuable opportunities for early identification, diagnosis, and treatment of health issues. Nipping the problem early on can certainly go a long way in improving the prognosis.
  • Treating the problem in its early stages is cheaper compared to one that is already well-advanced and complications have started setting in.
  • Preventive medicine is essential for your pet reptile to live a long, healthy and comfortable life. You can click on the Transitions Elite to know more details.

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