“Can I Give Human Pain Killer To My Ill Pet?”

Many pet owners consider giving human pain killer medications to their pet that may are in pain. Unfortunately, human pain killers can have a devastating effect on pets. One common medication that can have a negative impact on animals is ibuprofen. In humans, ibuprofen is used to treat pain and inflammation.

Human pain killers can be toxic to animals. Ibuprofen consumption in dogs, whether unintentional or not, can cause ulcer formation in the stomach that can lead to bleeding. It can also cause kidney failure.

Some dogs show signs of toxicity a few hours after ingestion; however there are those that will take as much as 4-5 days for symptoms to appear. These include weakness, vomiting and/or diarrhea, loss of appetite, black stool, and staggering.

Intravenous fluid therapy is often started immediately. Certain medications may also be given to address specific symptoms. Blood transfusion may be indicated in severe cases where stomach bleeding has already occurred and the dog is showing signs of anemia. Visit this link to know more: http://rarebirdsyearbook.com/



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