Experts Agree That Table Scraps Can Harm Your Dog


Even if many pet owners are already aware that food scraps are a No-No to dogs, there are still those who keep on offering some to their pets. Many types of human foods are not well accepted by the digestive system of dogs. Even after many and persistent warnings, many pet owners still continue to share their meals with their dogs. Being aware of the serious health risks of feeding leftover human food to canines should leave pet owners thinking twice about engaging in the practice.

Some human foods, such as chocolates, grapes, gravy that contains onions, or even alcohol, can be harmful to pets. It is so easy to just give your pooch some leftovers or hand out these goodies as treats, but dogs have a completely different digestive system to humans, and what may be healthy for humans may be toxic to dogs.

Your veterinarian is an important source of information about your pet’s dietary needs.


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