Health Issues Affect Your Pet’s Paws

A cat or dog’s paws can reveal potential health issues that may warrant veterinary attention. Here are some of them:


This is caused by a mite (Demodex sp.) that lives on the skin of dogs and cats. The problem is more common, however, in dogs. The mites live on the hair follicles and cause inflammatory skin disease when the animal’s immune system weakens or as a result of poor nutrition. Affected pets lose hair and their skin appears red and raw. Crusts may also be present on their paws.


Affected dogs have inflamed and swollen paws. Pododermatitis is often caused by parasite infestation, allergies, or bacterial or yeast infections. The condition could also be an important indicator of the presence of an autoimmune disease, skin cancer, endocrine or metabolic problem, or congenital disorders.

Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetic dogs and cats seem to be always thirsty. Increased water intake results in increased urination. The pet’s appetite may increase, but there is pronounced weight loss. Limping and sores may be present on the paws of affected pets. Schedule an appointment here.



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