Is Fish Healthy Or Harmful For Dogs?

Fish is filled with vital nutrients including vitamins, protein, and omega 3 fatty acids. They are among the healthiest foods for humans. Do dogs also reap the same benefits when eating fish?

Fish is not a normal dietary component of dogs; thus they are often considered as a supplement to the dog’s diet. Excessive consumption of fish may have negative implications to the health and wellbeing of dogs, but giving them a little can certainly have excellent health benefits.

Fish is low in calories and lacks essential nutrients that dogs need, thus a pure fish diet for dogs is not recommended. Several studies have been able to demonstrate adverse effects of a pure fish diet; so if you choose to give fish to your canine buddy, always remember that moderation is the key. A once-a-week serving of fish is an ideal way to increase your pet’s intake of protein without adding too many extra calories. If you want to know more, contact your animal care tips.



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