Reasons Why Your Cat Is Hiding

Is your cat hiding again? It’s no fun to have a pet that spends all of his time avoiding you. Why do some kitties spend so much time hiding anyway?

Your cat is shy

Cats have at least one thing in common with humans. Felines have many different personalities! If Fluffy spends most of his time hiding, and he always has, it could just be that you have a shy pet.

Even friendly, outgoing cats may decide they need a little me time. According to a professional vet clinic, it’s normal for felines to spend time relaxing away from the hubbub of your household. Some kitties hide to stay away from loud children or annoying dogs!

Nap time

It could be that your cat is simply looking for a dark, comfortable place to take a nap. After all, if you’re looking for a little shuteye, you probably don’t settle down in the living room where the kids are playing!

If you notice that your cat likes to hide in the closet in the afternoons, he’s probably just taking a nap. Give him a little time. He’ll likely come out for some attention when he’s ready.

Your cat feels neglected

Various levels of neglect can cause a cat to spend more time under the bed than he should. At the less severe end of the spectrum, a feline that rarely gets petted or played with may find that he’s more comfortable spending time hiding away from your family.

Animals that have been abused may hide, even if they’ve been rehomed. Cats that haven’t been properly socialized at a young age may never learn to enjoy time spent with their human families, choosing instead to hide most of the time.

Medical problems

Of course, there could be a medical explanation for your cat’s behavior, especially if he isn’t one to spend his time hiding in the basement.

When cats don’t feel well, they often crave time alone. It could be something as minor as a tummy ache or something as serious as a deadly wound.

The key is understanding your cat’s behavior so you can recognize right away if there’s a change. If your feline friend starts hiding in strange places, or if he is spending more and more time away from your family, you should schedule an appointment with your local Animal Health Care.


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