Effective Ways to Address Noise Anxiety In Dogs


There are many ways to address noise anxiety in dogs. However, not all dogs respond to the same treatment in the same manner. And there is no guarantee that any one of the techniques is best for a specific case. In addition to the effectiveness at reducing the manifestation of symptoms, there are other issues that you should consider when evaluating which regimen may work best for your dog. Some may demand much of the owner’s time, and some regimens can be very expensive and may pose potential side effects. Many experts, however, agree that it’s a good idea to try a combination of treatments to optimize their efficacy for a particular dog. Here are some techniques that have been used to address noise anxiety in dogs:

  • Changing the dog’s immediate environment
  • Use of pressure wraps
  • Behavior modification
  • Medications
  • Pheromone replication

Contact your animal care tips for more information.


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