Preventing Bad Behavior In Dogs


Taking steps to prevent a bad behavior from developing is always preferable to having to address it. And early training is crucial to preventing bad behavior. Puppies should undergo basic obedience training early. Consistency and positive reinforcement are also very important to the learning process. The training regimen will teach your dog proper manners and useful behaviors (such as sit, stay, down, etc.); your pet can also derive significant mental stimulation.

Early socialization is also a crucial ingredient in preventing bad behavior in dogs. Before your pup reaches 12 weeks old, make sure to expose him to as much as possible. After 12 weeks of age, the window of opportunity for socialization begins to close, and dogs start to fear or be anxious of the strange and unfamiliar.

During socialization, your puppy should be introduced to different people—young, old, fat, thin, short, tall, male, female, etc. You can also arrange play dates with dogs of various breeds, maturity levels, play behavior. These encounters will go a long way in teaching him canine manners and behavior. Exposure to a wide variety of sights, scents, sounds, etc. will also help ensure that he won’t be spooked off when he encounters any of these later in life. Visit your vet for Animal Health Tips.


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