Are Essential Oils Toxic To Pets?

Essential oils are commonly used for aromatherapy; but it’s important to remember that these oils can pose safety risks for pets and humans alike. If you use essential oils, here are some safety tips to help keep your pet safe.

  • Essential oils can be potentially toxic to cats and dogs at certain concentrations. In general, cats are extremely sensitive to essential oils. These substances are volatile, and your pet can lick, inhale, or ingest them. The oils can also be absorbed through the skin of your pet.
  • What smells good to you may be overwhelming for your pet. If you have a pet bird, make sure to take steps to safeguard them from strong scents because their respiratory tract is extremely sensitive.
  • There are pet care products that are marketed as “natural” and contain ingredients that are used in human aromatherapy products. In general, essential oils that are incorporated in pet care products are in much diluted amounts. Make sure to always follow directions; never assume that using more is better for your pet.



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