Scabies In Cats And Dogs – What are the typical signs?

The typical symptoms of scabies in cats and dogs are itching, hair loss, and inflammation. Mange mites that cause scabies in cats and dogs differ, but cats are susceptible to sarcoptic mange mites that cause scabies in dogs.

In cats, scabies is caused by the mange mite Notoedres cati.  The skin problem is also called “head mange” because it is on the head, neck, and ears, where severe itching starts. The front paws and the cat’s belly may also be affected early on. Without proper treatment, the itching can spread over the entire body, eventually causing loss of hair, and skin which is red, crusty, raw, or scabby.

Sarcoptic mange in dogs (caused by Sarcoptes scabei) usually affect juveniles but older dogs aren’t immune to the problem especially when they get into contact with affected dogs. Your veterinarian may suspect scabies if the itching is concentrated on the dog’s ears, elbows, hocks, and the belly.

Itching associated with scabies infections is usually present round the clock. Affected pets are unable to sleep and keep their humans awake with their scratching. More Animal Health Tips here.



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