Dealing With Your Rabbit’s Digging Habit

dealing-with-your-rabbits-digging-habitOne issue that many rabbit owners face at one time or another is digging. It is actually a natural behavior of rabbits. But it could become a major hassle if your pet keeps on digging up carpets or tries their best to burrow through the floor.

One of the best ways to approach the problem is to take steps to give your pet lots of physical and mental stimulation, and provide safe alternatives, such as a box filled with safe items to dig through. Make sure that your pet is not lonely and does not have time to be lonely and bored for considerable amounts of time during the day.

Applying deterrent spray products on things or in places that your rabbit likes to dig in can also effectively discourage him. Carpet ends should be fastened down so it won’t attract your pet’s attention when he’s looking for something interesting to dig in.


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