Does your dog enjoy snacking on crunchy bugs? – Things that you should know

dog-enjoy-snacking-on-crunchy-bugsSome dogs seem to enjoy eating crunchy bugs. In most cases, eating grasshoppers or termites, and a variety of other bugs won’t cause any harm to dogs. But there are exceptions. And this is what you should be aware of.

  • Some bugs can cause digestive upsets, especially when your dog eats a lot of them. One common example is the June bug.
  • The nasty taste of stinky bugs can cause your pooch to salivate or vomit.
  • There are also bugs, like the Asian lady beetles, which can cause serious chemical burns in the mouth and digestive tract of dogs if eaten. Dogs can die after ingesting several dozens of these beetles.
  • The caterpillar of Monarch butterflies feed on milkweed, a plant that has cardiac glycoside poisons that can harm dogs when ingested. There are also caterpillars that can sting or inject venom to dogs. These include the saddleback caterpillar, monkey slug caterpillar, and the moth caterpillar. For more information animal health care Profit, click on the link.

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