Dog Training – “Learn To Earn” Approach

dog-training-learn-to-earn-approachOne of the most important things that pet parents should teach their dogs is that calm behavior will always be rewarded. This can be achieved by the “learn to earn” approach, a training regimen that many dog trainers recommend. The dog must learn basic behaviors in order to receive a reward – a treat, playtime, lavish praise, etc. This approach has been shown to work well with highly excitable pets; the pet owner should be quick to reward calm behavior and ignore undesirable behavior.

If you have a hyperactive dog, training should start the moment your pooch wakes up in the morning. He should be taught to “wait” at the door before going outside to potty. However, your dog may try to bolt outside if he really needs to relieve himself, so make sure to make the wait very, very short. You can also teach your dog to sit before you pet him. This will come in handy when you have problems with your dog’s jumping behavior. Always remember that anything your pet wants to have or do should only be given only after he has displayed calm behavior. Click here to know more details.


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