Medical Emergency – Saddle Thrombus In Cats

medical-emergency-saddle-thrombus-in-catsSaddle thrombus in cats is a very painful and potentially life-threatening condition. An apparently normal cat may suddenly howl out in pain and is unable to move one or both of his hind legs. This is caused by a blood clot that is lodged at that part of the aorta where it splits into two arteries that supplies blood to the hind legs (the spot is also referred to as the aortic bifurcation). When this happens, blood flow to the rear legs is blocked or compromised. Aside from the aortic bifurcation, a blood clot can also become lodged in other locations such as in the arteries of the front legs, kidneys, lungs, or brain. The problem is often linked to an underlying heart disease.

The rear limbs of affected cats are cool to the touch and a bluish tinge is apparent around the nails. The foot pads of the rear paws may also appear pale. A cat that is unable to use its hind legs should be brought to the vet clinic immediately. Make sure to wrap your kitty in a soft blanket, and keep your hands away from his mouth to avoid being nipped. For more information about this, click on the link.


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