Potential Reasons Why Your Dog Digs In His Water Bowl

potential-reasons-why-your-dog-digs-in-his-water-bowlCertain dog behaviors appear confusing to humans, and one of these is digging in the water dish. Many pet owners would keep on wondering why their pooch prefers to splash water all over the floor instead of drinking it. Fortunately, many dogs outgrow the habit, but some continue to engage in the behavior even as adults.

Here are some reasons why your canine buddy loves to dig in his water bowl:

  • He wants to cool off.
  • If the water bowl is stainless steel, your dog may see something that he tries to catch by pawing and digging at the reflection in the dish.
  • Bored dogs will try to find ways to amuse themselves, and digging into the water bowl is one way to keep them busy.
  • Some dogs prefer water that is moving and digging in the bowl can create movement in the water.

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