Skin Abscesses In Chinchillas

skin-abscesses-in-chinchillasAn abscess forms when pus collects in a capsule-like cavity under the skin. In chinchillas, abscesses usually develop when a bite wound or other injuries become infected. These infections can spread to other parts of the body, causing the development of abscesses there, too. Prompt veterinary attention and treatment of abscesses is very important before the infection can enter the blood stream and cause toxemia, and in severe cases, death.

An abscess is usually suspected when there is slight swelling or a firm lump just beneath the chinchilla’s skin.  The growth is painful when touched and there is usually redness in the area and secretion of pus.

A physical examination by your veterinarian can help rule out other potential causes of skin growth by puncturing the lump to identify the nature of the contents.

A ruptured abscess should be completely drained to remove the contents before being flushed by an antiseptic solution recommended by your animal health care that will also prescribed topical antibiotic creams for the abscess.


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