Cat Health – What Is Psychogenic Alopecia?

Over-grooming in cats can lead to increasing loss of hair and baldness. There are a variety of reasons why cats excessively groom their hair and skin. In most cases, the over-grooming starts on the abdomen and may eventually include the rear limbs and tail. The degree of hair loss may wax and wane with time. Some cats engage in the habit in private, and the absence of hair on their pet’s belly may be the first hint that will lead an owner to think that there is something wrong with their pet.

The characteristic pattern of baldness is a primary consideration in diagnosing the problem. Your vet may also recommend skin, blood, and urine tests to rule out other potential culprits.

Experts think that psychogenic alopecia has a psychological and/or emotional origin. Boredom, anxiety, and stress are known to intensify the behavior. Skin allergies may also exacerbate the problem. Visit this link to know more.


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