Cats And Leash Training

Indoor cats benefit from more physical and mental stimulation, and what better way to do this than to take your kitty for regular leash walks. Remember that there are lots of dangers that lurk outdoors and being on a leash means that your cat is much safer.

Leash walks can enrich your pet’s life and help prevent boredom-related mischief. Being outdoors is one great adventure. There is always something new to sniff, watch, and investigate. These outdoor excursions are also great moments of bonding with your cat.

However, not all cats will enjoy walking on a leash. Just like people, cats are individually unique, and some will take well to leash training. A cat that is not afraid of anything that is new, will love leash-walking, and can be taken for hikes, camping, and biking. But more timid cats would rather stay at home and stay at their window perch watching the world go by. For more Pet Health Tips, visit the website.


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