How Many Crickets Should You Give Your Bearded Dragon?

how-many-crickets-should-you-give-your-bearded-dragonWhen it comes to how many crickets you should feed your pet, a good rule of thumb is to give your beardie as many crickets as it can consume in 10 minutes. And when feeding crickets, always remember that they should NOT be longer than the width of the bearded dragon’s head. Your pet can die from eating prey insects that are too large. Also, never leave live prey inside your pet’s enclosure overnight because it can possibly injure your dragon, and sometimes may warrant an emergency visit to your vet clinic.

Young bearded dragons have bigger appetites compared to their older counterparts. The diet of juvenile beardies is mostly composed of prey insects, but they should also be given fruits and vegetables. As they mature, their diets tend to shift to mostly plant-based foods, although they will still benefit from some live prey. Take note that as they grow older, the amount of produce increases as the amount of live insect prey decreases. Call your veterinarian to learn more.


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