Taking An Indoor Cat Outdoors Safely

taking-an-indoor-cat-outdoors-safelyBefore taking your indoor cat on outdoor excursions, it is a good idea to have him leash-trained. This will help ensure your pet’s safety considering the fact that there are lots of hazards that lurk outdoors.

If it’s your first time to bring your kitty outdoors, he may just stand there, or simply take a few steps; but there are cats that are more comfortable being outside the house and start exploring without a worry in the world.

But if your kitty just wants to go back inside the house, then let him. Never force your pet to stay outdoors if he is not comfortable.

During the first few outdoor excursions, your pet’s behavior may remain unpredictable. So it’s a good idea to bring a towel or small blanket so you can easily pick up your cat when he is frightened or panicking.


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