Chinchillas Can Suffer From Calcium-Phosphorus Imbalance

chinchillas-can-suffer-from-calcium-phosphorus-imbalanceCalcium and phosphorus are two essential minerals that are required by chinchillas. An imbalance of these two important nutrients in the ration of chinchillas can pave the way for calcium-phosphorus imbalance, a nutritional disorder which mainly affect muscle function and bone development. Calcium-phosphorus imbalance in young and pregnant chinchillas may have a profound effect on the growth and development of their offspring.

The first symptoms of calcium-phosphorus imbalance are severe muscle spasms that occur in the face and limbs of chinchillas. Their bones eventually become brittle and fractures are quite common. After getting your pet’s diet history and a thorough examination, your veterinarian may perform a test to determine the blood levels of calcium and phosphorus. Treatment involves administering calcium gluconate. Oral mineral supplements (calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin D3) may also be recommended by your veterinarian to help restore normal levels.


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