Lighting and Heating Needs Of A Soft-Shelled Turtle

As the name implies, soft-shelled turtles don’t possess a hard shell that is present in most other turtles. They have a potential to grow big when fully grown. If you are planning on keeping one, make sure to do your assignment, because they may have unique needs and requirements that you should be ready to meet.

The water temperature within the enclosure of soft-shelled turtles should be maintained in the mid 70s. This can be achieved by installing water heaters specifically designed for fish tanks. You can also provide heat lamps in the tank roof for warmth and as a basking spot for turtles.

Installing UVB lighting within the tank can help soft-shelled turtles convert calcium from their diet into vital nutrients. The UVB light should be turned on 10-12 hours a day for optimum benefits.  They won’t’ be able to thrive without UVB lighting. For stability and regularity, UVB lights should be set on a timer. To learn more, schedule an appointment.



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