Why Senior Cats Tend To Be More Vocal?

why-senior-cats-tend-to-be-more-vocalAs cats grow older, they will eventually experience distinct physical and mental changes that can have a big impact on their quality of life. The years of wear and tear increase a cat’s risk to age-related health problems; and as your senior cat adjusts to their incapability, they tend to meow loudly and frequently.  This is a common concern of cat parents who are kept awake at night by their pet’s yowling, trilling, and meowing.

While a natural decline in the cat’s physical and mental health is inevitable, pet owners should still try to identify the underlying cause of their pet’s behavior. Some cats become more vocal without any real cause, while there are those that are suffering from a health problem. Senior cats that experience a decline in their sense of vision, hearing, or smelling may also vocalize their frustrations. Consult your pet health care tips, click on the link.


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