Keeping Your Kitty Motivated – Find The Right Reward

keeping-your-kitty-motivatedIf there is a need to successfully correct a certain undesirable behavior displayed by your kitty, make sure you dangle the right reward. It can be a favorite toy, or treat, or even playtime and some cuddles. Know what your cat loves, so you will be able to use these things to reward your pet for a job well done. Variety is also very important when it comes to rewarding your kitty for desired behavior. This will keep him interested and help fend off boredom. For example, if he loves to play, keep him interested by rotating his favorite toys on a regular basis.

It is also important for your pet to view the reward as something worth the effort he’s exerting. More difficult or complex behaviors will require more valuable rewards so your kitty will strive hard to please you. The value of rewards should also differ depending on the situation.


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